First Detection of Pecan Bud Moth in Arizona

The Pecan Bud Moth, a species of leaf roller moth, has recently been observed in southeastern Arizona pecan orchards. This is the first time growers have reported this pest and expressed concerns about potential impacts to the crop. 

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The 25th annual conference begins August 27-28, 2020
All presentations will be streamed on demand!

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Conference proceedings will encompass topics on Marketing, Economics, Cultural, Pest, Disease, Mineral Nutrition and Soil Health.

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Annual Conference August 27-28, 2020
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Eating pecans will lower your cholesterol!

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak the Arizona Pecan Growers Association will be streaming the conference presentations on demand.

Join the Zoom Q & A with Harold Payne at 1:00 pm on Friday, August 28th.

The 2020 APGA Conference has gone Digital

The 25th APGA conference will be streamed on demand beginning August 27th 2020. Join us online for on-demand keynotes and presentations. The conference outlines the latest pecan research, update on the latest technology, and ongoing educational credits for pecan farmers. The conference will also feature vendors specializing in the pecan industry.


2020 Presentations

The Arizona Pecan Growers Association on-demand video presentations will be available August 27th through September 11th.

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Alex Ott

Alex Ott

(American Pecan Council)




Alex Ott will be giving an update on how the Council has been securing the future of America's Original Native Supernut.

Dr. Alex Jiahuai Hu

Dr. Alex Hu

(University of Arizona)


Southwest Pecan Disease


Dr. Hu will be covering common southwest pecan diseases and specifically how to identify and treat them. He will also give an update on his ongoing efforts in Arizona pecan disease research.

Dr. Jim Walworth

Dr. Jim Walworth (University of Arizona)


Response of Immature Pecans to Phosphorus Fertilization


World-renowned Dr. Jim Walworth will be addressing new findings in soil & nutrition of pecan in the southwest. He will also be sharing updates in current on-going research of Arizona pecans.

Dr. Jennifer Randall

Dr. Jennifer Randall

(New Mexico State University)


Pecan Genetic Tools Emerging


Dr. Jennifer Randall and her team is making a mark in pecan genetics and embarking on revolutionizing a way for producers and pecan research leaders alike to have tools at their disposal for pecan cultivar selections. She will be giving an update on the progress thus far.

Dr. Richard Heerema

Richard Heerema

(Pecan Specialist New Mexico State University)


Environmental Stress on Pecan Development


As the Extension Pecan Specialist, Dr. Richard Heerema's primary interest and responsibility is in the area of Integrated Pecan Orchard Management.

John Caravetta

Dr. Jeremy Weiss

Dr. Jeremy Weiss (University of Arizona)


State of the Climate for Arizona Pecan


Dr. Weiss will be addressing climate, monsoon projections and future considerations in effect of pecan development.

Mark Hendrixson CPGA President

Dari Duval

(University of Arizona Analyst in Agriculture Resource Economics)


Arizona Nut Tree Industry Economy


Dari Duval is presenting a summary of the Arizona nut tree industry economics evaluation project completed in 2019. The project was supported by an Arizona Department of Agriculture Specialty Crops Block Grant her and UArizona Ag Economics team procured.

Dr. Richard Heerema

Josh Sherman

(University of Arizona Extension Commercial Horticulture Agent)


Measuring Water Stress Accurately


Joshua Sherman will be sharing information and demonstrating techniques for measuring water stress in pecan trees.

John Caravetta

John Caravetta

(Director of Plant Services Division, Arizona Department of Agriculture)

Presented by:Josh Shermanz


Arizona Pecan Pest Update


John Caravetta is addressing the current state of the Plant Services Division and their efforts in protecting the pecan industry in the southwest. He will also be giving an update on the pecan weevil quarantine program.

Pecan Cultivation Resources




Government Agencies









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First Detection of Pecan Bud Moth in Arizona

W. Eugene Hall, Joshua D. Sherman, Wendy Moore, Peter C. Ellsworth, Naomi Pier, University of Arizona The Pecan Bud Moth, a species of leaf roller moth, has recently been observed in southeastern Arizona pecan orchards. This is the first time growers have reported...

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