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Weed Management

The key to managing weeds is diversification, and in doing so you lower the risk of a weed species adapting to a specific technique, which will eventually happen if you use one control technique over time. For instance there are many cases where weeds have developed a tolerance to herbicides. When considering a long-term integrated weed management plan for a particular area, one should consider all viable weed management control techniques along with any possible tools that can help you make the job easier. Most integrated weed management plans, aim at an expensive means and the effective control of the weeds, however a good strategy also aims at lower in damaging risks to the native ecosystem. The goal of long-term integrated weed management should reduce weeds while reducing the seed stocks in the soil. A great strategy will achieve these goals without degrading the desirable qualities of the land, it will exercise good stewardship and preserve the native ecology or agricultural crops. If you need help with weed management please contact your Crop Consultant, Weed Science Specialist, or Horticulture extension officer.


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