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Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming a global agricultural cultural practice because of their multiple applications in the farming industry. UAVs are proving to be useful in identifying troubled crops,  aerial mapping, and chemical application delivery systems.


UAV drone technology is new to the farming industry. In a short time UAVs have proven most useful in identifying trouble crops with their sensitive thermal and high-resolution imagery cameras.  With the development of the Global Positioning System (GPS), it is now possible to accurately identify and mark specific specimens that require immediate attention. Today UAV imaging is being utilized to determine crop fertilization, irrigation, pest, and disease problems before it reaches a critical point.

UAV drone mapping is the most useful tool for farm management. Drone maps and images are helping farmers better utilize the resources to cut down on costs, by helping them determine where to apply fertilizers, chemicals and irrigation to where it’s mostly needed. 

Another way that drones are being utilized is crop dusting. 

Because of the UAVs versatility and abilities in identifying troubled crops, aerial mapping, and chemical application delivery. UAVs will become a global cultural agricultural practice.



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