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Pecan Grove

In 1990 the Arizona Pecan Grower’s Association was established and incorporated as a non profit organization, and since then it has been our goal to provide Arizona pecan growers  with the knowledge and resources to promote a healthy pecan growing industry in Arizona. The Arizona Pecan Grower’s Association is made up of commercial and family owned orchards throughout the State.

Mission Statement:

The Arizona Pecan Grower’s Association is dedicated to the Arizona pecan grower’s throughout the state and support every individual in the industry by offering annual educational conferences, membership benefits, and the latest scientific-based knowledge on proven methods for growing the healthy pecan nut in Arizona. This association was formed to promote and improve the advancement of the pecan industry in the State of Arizona.

Board of Directors:

Pecan Grove

Board Members:

Harold Payne

Allen Brandt
(Vice President)

Mike Harvey, Sr.
(Research Committee Chair)

Joshua Sherman
(Secretary/Education Committee Chair)

Mike Kilby 
(Treasurer/Vendor Committee Chair)

Mark Cook

Jared Allred

Honorary Board Members:

Dr. Mike Kilby

Dr. Jim Walworth

Joshua Sherman

In The News


9-11 JUNE 2022 Starting at 6 pm Our Annual Convention & Trade Show brings together industry professionals and vendors from Oklahoma's pecan region for three full days! From our Pecan and Food Shows to our Spring Field Day, you won't want to miss this convention....

Oklahoma Celebrate our 95th Anniversary

We’re celebrating 95 years of supporting the Oklahoma pecan industry!We are so proud to be part of this community and we have made many memories throughout the years! Thank you to all our members for your support! We couldn’t have made it here without you!To celebrate...

Texas Pecan Growers Annual Conference and Trade Show

This year we will be celebrating 101 years of TPGA at our Annual Conference & Trade Show! More information will be available as we approach July, be sure to be on the lookout for conference registration packets to be sent out in the next few months. We look...

The Oklahoma Annual Convention & Trade Show Recap

An organization can achieve so much more with the support of its dedicated members, just as individuals achieve more when they are represented by a capable organizational body. Members of the Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association help us reach our goals as we support...

First Detection of Pecan Bud Moth in Arizona

W. Eugene Hall, Joshua D. Sherman, Wendy Moore, Peter C. Ellsworth, Naomi Pier, University of Arizona The Pecan Bud Moth, a species of leaf roller moth, has recently been observed in southeastern Arizona pecan orchards. This is the first time growers have reported...

University of Arizona Pecan Research

2019 Arizona Pecan Growers Association Tucson, Arizona Research Updates 2019Download Chelated Zinc Application for Flood-Irrigated OrchardsJim Walworth, Josh Sherman, Cyrus SmithResearch conducted in Arizona has clearly demonstrated the efficacy of Zn-EDT A...

 Cross Pollination = Optimal Pollination

As I am writing this in April, most pecan shoots around the western pecan production regions are expanding their leaves as flowering begins. Soon, now in May, the tiny promiscuous flowers will emerge and become receptive to the pollen floating in the wind. I have...
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