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In 1990 the Arizona Pecan Grower’s Association was established and incorporated as a non profit organization, and since then it has been our goal to provide Arizona pecan growers  with the knowledge and resources to promote a healthy pecan growing industry in Arizona. The Arizona Pecan Grower’s Association is made up of commercial and family owned orchards throughout the State.

Mission Statement:

The Arizona Pecan Grower’s Association is dedicated to the Arizona pecan grower’s throughout the state and support every individual in the industry by offering annual educational conferences, membership benefits, and the latest scientific-based knowledge on proven methods for growing the healthy pecan nut in Arizona. This association was formed to promote and improve the advancement of the pecan industry in the State of Arizona.

Board of Directors:

Board Members:

Harold Payne

Rich Walden
(Vice President)

Dr. Jim Walworth
(Secretary/Education Committee Chair)

Dr. Jim Walworth

Board Members:

Mark Cook
(Board Member)

Jared Allred
(Board Member

Mike Harvey
(Board Member)